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Chewigem Canada

Many children and adults handle anxiety by chewing – hair, clothing, pencils and other objects within their reach. Chewigem Canada offers a safe, discreet, stylish and fun way to manage this challenge. The diverse designs and colors that they offer provide a Chewigem that is just right for almost everyone. Chewigem products are completely non-toxic, made with FDA-approved, medical grade silicone, that is free of lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate. Chewigem Canada created an exclusive Autism Canada charity pendant – “Griffin” – and will donate $6.00 from every Griffin pendant sold until October 2017. Buy yours today.

“My Friend Sam” Children’s book series

Art by Patrick is a project that originally started in July 2012. Inspired by his son with autism, Patrick decided to create art and give a part of the proceeds to Autism Canada. In 2013, Patrick started his own business, Art by Patrick & Design. When Patrick’s son started school, he noticed that there were no storybooks made for children regarding autism, so he consulted with Autism Canada for topics and “My Friend Sam” is a result of this labor of love.

Order “A Play Date with Damian” in English and French.


MagnusMeet Magnusmode

Magnusmode is a company founded by Nadia Hamilton, whose brother Troy has autism. When Troy graduated from high school, there were few opportunities for continued personal and social development. This inspired Nadia to start a company that leverages technology to empower and support people with cognitive special needs.
Magnusmode developed a free app called MagnusCards that combines a proven method of instruction (Social Stories) with elements of game design to help people learn life skills. With Magnus as your guide, you can collect and create digital Card Decks, which provide step-by-step instructions for various social interactions, situations, behaviors, and activities such as grocery shopping, doing laundry, and taking the bus.

Learn more about MagnusCards here. MagnusCards is available for download on iOS and Android operating systems.