A dimension exploration of factors associated with ‘autistic burnout’

We want to understand factors associated with ’autistic burnout’, and the impact of burnout on mental/ physical wellbeing and quality of life. We hope this will improve the identification of burnout in autism and inform support strategies for preventing/ reducing burnout.

Dr Bethany Oakley (principal researcher); Juliet Smith (final year BSc student)

Who can participate: 
Autistic and non-autistic people aged 18-35 and fluent in English for the purposes of providing consent and completing the survey.

What’s involved: 
We would invite you to complete an online survey covering a range of questions about burnout and related factors, including questions about mental/ physical wellbeing. This will take around 50 minutes.
To find out more information about the study and to access the survey, please click here.


Interested in participating:  
If you have any questions please contact Dr. Bethany Oakley at bethany.oakley@kcl.ac.uk

July 31, 2022