A Feasibility and Acceptability Trial of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Training via Telehealth for Self-Harming Autistic People

You may be eligible to participate in an autistic-led research study evaluating a telehealth delivered DBT skills training to support self-harming and/or suicidal autistic people.
DBT is a mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural based intervention. The aim is to teach life skills in 4 areas: mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness. Classes take place over 6 months, for 2 hours per week.

Philippa Hood MA
Alexander Chapman PhD
Grace Iarocci PhD
Tom Malony (Research Coordinator)

Who can participate: 
To be eligible, you must:
• Be an autistic adult (ages 19-50 years)
• Have a history of engaging in deliberate self-injury or suicidal behaviour
• Be living in British Columbia
• Have access to a computer with a camera, internet, and Zoom
Note: If you do not have a formal autism diagnosis but suspect you are autistic or are self-diagnosed, then you may still be eligible.

What’s involved: 
If you agree to participate in this study, you will be assigned to a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills training group, a psychoeducational group program. These treatments will be offered through the Personality and Emotion Research Lab at Simon Fraser University (SFU) and will be offered via the Zoom telehealth platform. The treatment will last for 6 months. You will also be asked to completed surveys and interviews before and after the treatment.

The DBT skills training is provided free of charge. Participants will also be compensated $30 for completing each set of questionnaires ($60 total), and $30 for completing the interview at the end of the study.

Interested in participating:  
If you are interested in participating or have questions please email emotion@sfu.ca