ASD Advisory Committee

Autism Canada’s ASD Advisory Committee is comprised of adults on the autism spectrum.  This committee, chaired by Board of Directors’ member Tom Jackman, gives perspective where it is needed most.  These individuals lend insight into the issues affecting those touched by autism across the lifespan.

Our Advisory Committee helps Autism Canada work more effectively in ensuring appropriate resources and supports are in place.  We not only invite our committee members to place a spotlight on issues, but we also invite them to provide potential solutions and to be included in the decision making.

They help us all to See the Spectrum Differently.

Committee Members

Anne Lessnerkraus, ON

Anne Marie Plante, QC

Belle Johansen, AB

Bev Leroux, ON

Blair Rose, ON

Bradley Hall, NT

Bruno Hache, ON

Christopher Aitken, NT

Corey Walker, BC

Courtney Weaver, ON

Crystal Martin, NL

Elene Fiala, SK

Georges Huard, QC

Jackie McMillan, ON

Jake Anthony, BC

Jason Oldford, NB

Jennifer Lisi, ON

Jessica Pigeau, AB

Josée LeBlanc, NB

Kaitrin Beechey, ON

Kali Samagalski, MB

Kelly Bron Johnson, QC

Kristian Hooker, MB

Laura Nadine, ON

Louise Tardif, NB

Mackenzie Salt, ON

Marie Lauzon, QC

Mitch Helm, ON

Nancy Getty, ON

Nicole Jinn, BC

Paul Reisman, QC

ShanEda Lumb, ON

Sue Burton, ON

Trudy Goold, NL

Wendy Graves, BC

William Millar, ON

Yvonne Spicer, ON

Zachary Smith, ON

Chair of ASD Advisory Committee
Autism Canada Director

Tom Jackman

Chair of ASD Advisory Committee Autism Canada Director
Vice-Chair of ASD Advisory Committee
Autism Canada Director

Kelly Bron Johnson

Vice-Chair of ASD Advisory Committee Autism Canada Director

How to apply:

If you are an adult on the spectrum and would like to be considered for Autism Canada’s ASD Advisory Committee, we want to hear from you!  Download the form below, fill it out then email it to ASD Advisory  We also encourage you to read the committee’s Terms of Reference.  Please be advised that the Terms of Reference for this committee are in the approval process.