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Autism Canada

140 Yonge St. Suite 200,
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1X6

Local:  647-362-5610
Toll-free:  1-800-983-1795
E-mail: info@autismcanada.org

Family Support Representative:

Susan Watts
1-800-983-1795  ext. #1

Donations and Administration Support:

Sarah Hemstock
1-800-983-1795  ext. #2

Fundraising and Events:

Barbara Patten
1-800-983-1795  ext. #3

Autism Community Manager:

Marie Matte
1-800-983-1795  ext. #4

Search and Rescue for Autism Program (SARA):

Shanyn Silinski
1-800-983-1795  ext. #5

Social Media & Communications:

Leslie Uy-Blakely
1-800-983-1795  ext. #6

Media Relations:

Susan Watts
1-800-983-1795  ext. #7

General Inquiries

1-800-983-1795  ext. #7
e: info@autismcanada.org

Please note:

Autism Canada welcomes your calls, emails and letters.  Please keep in mind that we do not provide treatment, therapy or legal services.  We do, however, provide information about resources and supports across the country. 

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