Guiding Principles

See the Spectrum Differently

Autism Canada is committed to adhering to the principles that guided both our founding organizations, Autism Society Canada and Autism Canada Foundation.  We believe now, as our founders did then, that there is a real need for Canadians to have a united national voice focusing on the issues that affect individuals living on the spectrum and their families. We achieve this through the amalgamation of our organizations, and the collaboration with our Provincial and Territorial Council members.  We are driven, focused and committed to making a difference.

Autism Canada and the Provincial & Territorial Council urge all Canadians to See the Spectrum Differently.  

  • See the potential in people living with autism.  
  • See and understand behaviour as a form of communication.
  • See and respect the person as an individual first.
  • See the opportunity to work together to make a difference.

Our values are simple:

We value the individual.

We value knowledge.

We value collaboration.

We value hope.

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