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Guiding Principles


Advocate for and support individuals with autism, their families and caregivers living in Canada.


That people on the Autism Spectrum have full, healthy and happy lives.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Be a national knowledge hub. We will strive to provide current, timely and useful information and direction to families and persons with ASD.
  2. Influence public policy at the national level. Together, with ASD partners across the country, we will take a leadership role to influence public policy at the national level.
  3. Facilitate collaboration and sharing among member organizations. We will work with our Provincial and Territorial Council to provide them with current, timely, and useful information and help them build programming, fundraising and awareness capacity.
  4. Build greater capacity and competencies in health care and in other critical sectors such as education, justice & senior care. We are committed to increasing the knowledge, capacity and competencies of some of the primary sectors with which people on the Spectrum interact over the course of their lives, specifically, health care, education, justice and senior care.
  5. Support and promote medical and non-medical research. We will champion evidence-based research by bringing together researchers from around the world.
  6. Ensure financial sustainability. Our financial sustainability will be enhanced through increased focus on fundraising and targeting relevant grant opportunities from foundations and/or governments.
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