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Senators request a meeting with the Prime Minister and Minister of Health on Autism. Senate of Canada, November 1, 2017: Open letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health.

Ottawa accused of new tax grab after disability tax credit clawback hits those with mental illness. Financial Post, October 26, 2017: Sources say that some lifelong sufferers of mental disabilities have been cut off from the disability tax credit after having received the credit for decades.

72% of kids with autism don’t get the help they need at school, survey finds. CBC News, October 26, 2017: Some parents feel their children are neglected at school because staff isn’t properly trained.

Provincial pilot program lets autistic kids get therapy on school premises. Toronto Star, October 25, 2017: Support announced one day before rally planned at Queen’s Park to protest lack of autism services in schools.

Family of teen with autism mistakenly tackled by police calls for better training. CBS News, September 21, 2017: A teenager with autism in Arizona is speaking out about a confrontation with a police officer that left him with multiple cuts and bruises.


Autism Canada rejects Canadian Autism Partnership Project. June 27, 2017: National advocacy organization calls for an actionable plan that provides equitable access to evidence-based treatments for all Canadians. [en français]

Autism Canada supports the Liberal Party of Canada’s resolution on evidence based early intervention for individuals living with autism spectrum disorders. November 4, 2016.

Five things journalists should keep in mind when writing about autism. October 14, 2016: Media stories that get it wrong can contribute to how others perceive those with autism – and even perpetuate potentially dangerous stereotypes.

Why universal screening for autism is a good idea. April 23, 2016: We don’t want to see Canadian children reaching school age before being identified as having autism. But that is precisely what is happening too often already.

National Autism Organizations Unite. October 5, 2015: Canada’s large and growing autism population has lacked a strong united national voice for many years. [en français]