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National Autism Organizations Unite

Canada’s large and growing autism population has lacked a strong united national voice for many years. Now, Autism Society Canada (ASC) and Autism Canada Foundation (ACF) have amalgamated, bringing together two of Canada’s largest, leading autism organizations to form Autism Canada.  The consolidated organization, which includes a Provincial and Territorial Council, puts Autism Canada in a position to bring about real change for people living with autism and their families.

“Autism Canada is the national voice for families and individuals on the spectrum.  Presently, 13 of the 15 board members are parents of someone on the spectrum or are on the spectrum themselves.  The Provincial and Territorial Council is made up of grassroots autism organizations from coast to coast and we are very proud of our Adult Autism Advisory Committee made up of adults on the spectrum who can and want to advocate for themselves.  Together, we understand it because we live it.” – Don Blane, Chair.  

While the amalgamation became official at the end of May 2015, the announcement comes in time to kick off Autism Awareness Month in Canada (October 2015).  The amalgamated organization will be known as Autism Canada brandishing the new tag line, See the Spectrum Differently.  

“The tag line is about seeing the potential in people living with autism and seeing that everyone deserves to have universal access to the supports, services and treatments they deserve.”- Vicki Harvey, Vice-Chair.

Autism Canada believes the combined organization will attract more resources, allowing them to work together with their Provincial and Territorial Council members to build capacity and to advocate at all levels of government with a unified voice. The time has come for an efficient, single entity to bring strength and unity to Canadians.  Autism Canada is poised to deliver.