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Autism Canada Foundation became a registered Canadian Charity on March 6, 2002. The founding directors were all parents with children diagnosed with ASD and they found themselves traveling abroad to get support for biomedical interventions. It was apparent to them that there was a lack of representation in Canada for all effective treatments and therapies. They decided that Canada needed an autism organization that provided information on both traditional and emerging treatments.

The founding directors organized their first conference in Toronto on June 2003. It was held at Ryerson College and was called Open Windows Essential Training: Opening Windows of Hope for Children with Developmental Disorders. The conference taught attendees how to integrate Biomedical, Behavioural, Nutritional and other effective treatment options in a “whole approach” therapy style. Autism Canada Foundation would go on to host or co-host conferences across Canada every year after.

In April 2006, the first full time Executive Director was hired. With an Executive Director in place, the board focused on establishing their mission critical activities including:

  • Supporting families looking for information and direction on helping their children with autism with a special focus on biomedical interventions.
  • Reaching out and building capacity in the medical community by expanding physicians’ knowledge and awareness of autism as a whole body disorder with many treatable features.
  • Working to influence policy within governments to provide public health initiatives and policy change.
  • Supporting research on the causes and treatments for autism.

In July 2007, Laurie Mawlam, Executive Director, approached other autism leaders in Canada to form an alliance which would partner with the Federal Government to implement a National Autism Strategy. This alliance became known as the Canada Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance (CASDA).

Over the years prior to amalgamation, Autism Canada Foundation’s financial position grew along with its programs and outreach platforms making it a leader in its own right on the national landscape.

Past Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements:

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