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Public Label

Public Label is a full-service integrated creative agency with a media-agnostic approach to solving business problems.  We are dedicated to helping brands reach their full potential.
With our award-winning experiential and shopper marketing teams, we can give every part of the customer journey the attention it requires in today’s rapidly moving environment

VIA Rail Canada

As the national passenger rail service, VIA Rail strives to provide a safe, comfortable and accessible travel experience which respects each individual’s autonomy and dignity. In addition to having launched our first ever universal accessibility policy in 2020, we are proud to work with Autism Canada to create a more inclusive and barrier-free journey for all.

Angelika Michelman

Angelika Michelman is a real estate broker in the Greater Toronto Area who is offering clients an opportunity to get involved with Autism Canada. The donations we receive through our partnership will go towards supporting our Family Support Program. Serving thousands of people every year, our Family Support Program is our front-line connection to individuals and families in need. Thank you, Angelika

Genwell Project

The GenWell Project is a free, open sourced, global Human Connection Movement whose mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place by reminding people about the importance of face to face social connection and inspiring them to take action. 

Donate a car

You can turn your vehicle donation into generous dollars to support Autism Canada! Working on our behalf, Donate a Car Canada will accept your vehicle for donation — running, or not! Old or new!

There is no cost to you, and the process is incredibly easy! Donate a Car Canada will facilitate all aspects of your car donation from the pick up to the final sale, ensuring that your vehicle will be sold for the highest sale outcome possible. They will then forward the net proceeds on to us here at Autism Canada and we will send you a tax receipt!

The Big Heart Journey

Sharing the same goals is the key to any great partnership and we are pleased to join The Big Heart Journey as we both make the world more inclusive, connected and accepting of all people, especially children.


SchKIDules manufactures high-quality, ready-made magnetic visual schedules for home, school, and special needs.  Our mission is to provide an affordable, durable, attractive, no-assembly-needed solution that parents, teachers and professionals can rely on. You can find our entire catalog of stocked and custom products on our website, and we also list our most popular items on Amazon.ca.


MiniOwls is a storage solutions company started by two moms in 2014. Not only are they helping families with their organizational needs, but they also give a portion of their profits to charity. Autism Canada is grateful to be a recipient of their generosity.

Uncomplicated Family

The Uncomplicated Family is a progressive and passionate health company. We embrace commitment, technology, and compassion to enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. 
We deeply care about issues such as early intervention, collaboration, and virtual care technology, as a way to make a meaningful positive impact worldwide. Our teams include Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Family Support Personnel, Software Developers, Researchers, Psychologists, and more.


Showcase is a retail outlet offering some of the most trending products. Showcase offers sensory support items and contributes a portion of their weighted blanket sales to Autism Canada.


Magnusmode is the creator of MagnusCards, a FREE mobile app with an ever-expanding library of visual stories to aid in independent home and community living. Each digital Card Deck has been co-created with brand and venue partners for a realistic, detailed, and engaging experience while Magnus, a personal guide, encourages skill practice and builds confidence each step of the way. Find MagnusCards in the Apple and Google Play store today!


A first-of-its-kind at the national level by a Canadian retailer, Sensory Friendly Shopping focuses on removing sensory stimuli that can overwhelm an individual with sensory sensitivities.