AC Connects Newsletter – October 26, 2021

As we come to the end of Autism Acceptance Month, we wanted to share the writing of Hannah Lastoria, a 12 year old who is on the Autism Spectrum. Hannah shares her thoughts about her autism and how it impacts her day to day.

In the spirit of acceptance, it is a reminder that we are all multi-faceted and all have our own differences.

Let’s remember to always BE KIND, ACCEPTING and UNDERSTANDING.

Alors que nous arrivons à la fin du Mois de l’acceptation de l’autisme, nous voulions partager un texte d’Hannah Lastoria, une jeune de 12 ans qui est sur le spectre de l’autisme. Hannah partage ses réflexions sur son autisme et l’impact sur son quotidien.

Dans un esprit d’acceptation, informatif et aussi un rappel que nous avons tous et toutes nos propres différences.

Rappelons-nous de toujours ÊTRE GENTIL (LE), D’ACCEPTER et de COMPRENDRE.

All About my Autism

By Hannah Lastoria

I would like to explain how my autism affects me and things I wish people knew.

I am autistic, but that is just a part of me.

My autism makes loud places and bright lights very, very difficult for me. It really hurts my ears and eyes. It makes me very uncomfortable. This is why I wear noise cancelling headphones to help block out the loud noises. Flashing or bright lights makes my head feel really weird. I try to go places that don’t have flashing lights.

I do not understand facial expressions, social cues and body language and that makes people upset because I don’t know when someone is joking, laughing at me or making fun of me. It makes me feel very uncomfortable and lonely.

I don’t like when people stare at me, it makes me feel creepy.

I have to wear certain clothes that make me comfortable and I have to wear my clothes a certain way.

I love routines in order to do my daily activities. I hate change and it’s difficult and stressful for me to get used to new things.

I may have a meltdown. I don’t like having them but I can’t control them when they happen. When I get too overstimulated by everything it can cause this to happen. It takes a lot of energy from me.

I don’t have too many friends as people don’t know how this affects me everyday. I am always left out of things at school because people think I’m weird…I am just wanting the same things as you.

Have friends, be included in activities. Wanting to fit in and have people be not mean to me.

I am always nice to people I meet and don’t understand why people like making fun of me and being mean and hurtful.

I am like you. I am a person with feelings, with dreams and thoughts, wanting friends and to be included.

When people find out that I am Autistic they say nothing or something mean or stupid comments. But don’t try to get to know ME.

Yes. I am an Autistic person. But that is just part of who I am.

I am creative, smart, fun, I love deep pressure hugs, swinging, art and making music tunes. I just look at the world differently. I love playing Minecraft, Roblox and I have a bunny names Hunnybun.

I want to tell you that if you meet an Autistic person, you have met an Autisitc person. It doesn’t mean you know about Autism. We are all different.

I am a person first, then the Autism.

About the Author: Hannah Lastoria is 13 yrs old and loves being creative with art and making her own music.

A huge thank you to Lowlands Fire Foods, a catering service from Oshawa, Ontario specializing in authentic wood-fire pizza using local organic toppings and ingredients.

Not only is the pizza delicious, but the team manning the oven are au-some. Their generous donation will allow us to continue our important work in supporting and providing resources to the autism community in Canada and for that are grateful.

Thank you Lowlands Fire Foods!

Un grand merci à Lowlands Fire Foods, un service de restauration d’Oshawa, en Ontario, spécialisé dans la pizza authentique au four à bois utilisant des garnitures et des ingrédients biologiques locaux.

Non seulement la pizza est délicieuse, mais l’équipe du four à bois est Au-some. Leur généreux don nous permettra de poursuivre notre important travail pour soutenir et fournir des ressources à la communauté canadienne de l’autisme, et nous en sommes très reconnaissants (es).

Merci Lowlands Fire Foods!


It’s time for another edition of Musical BINGO with Dancing Phil and this time, we are taking it up a notch with a DISCO theme!

Bring your best disco moves and join us on Friday November 19 at 8 PM EST for this family-friendly evening! We guarantee you will laugh, sing-along, dance and maybe even win a prize!

And for those of you who are wondering, Musical BINGO uses the same board as traditional BINGO but instead of looking for numbers, you look for songs, singers and bands! (And if you don’t recognize the song or band, someone will help you out!)

It’s so fun and the community spirit is amazing! Don’t miss it!

Pouvez-vous faire le ”HUSTLE”?

C’est l’heure d’une autre édition de BINGO MUSICAL avec Dancing Phil et cette fois, on monte d’un cran avec un thème de DISCO !

Apportez vos meilleur pas de danse de disco et rejoignez-nous le vendredi 19 novembre à 20h HNE pour cette soirée familiale ! Nous vous garantissons que vous allez rire, chanter, danser et peut-être même gagner un prix !

Et pour ceux et celles d’entre vous qui se posent la question, LE BINGO MUSICAL utilise le même tableau que le BINGO traditionnel mais au lieu de chercher des chiffres, vous cherchez des chansons, des chanteurs et des groupes ! (Et si vous ne reconnaissez pas la chanson ou le groupe, quelqu’un vous aidera !)

C’est tellement amusant et l’esprit communautaire est incroyable!

Ne manquez pas ça!

Au-Some Conference was AU-SOME!

With thanks to all of the incredible people who shared their presentations with us on Saturday. Au-Some Conference 2021 was a success because of all of you and we are so grateful to you for being a part of the day.

Merci à toutes les personnes incroyables qui ont partagé leurs présentations avec nous samedi. La conférence Au-Some 2021 a été un succès grâce à vous tous et toutes. Nous sommes très reconnaissants (es) que vous avez fait partie de cette journée.

Land Acknowledgment
Reconnaissance foncière

In the spirit of reconciliation and working together Autism Canada is thankful for this land, the country of Canada, and our connections to land, sea, and community. We pay our respect to the Elders past and present and extend that respect to all today.

Dans un esprit de réconciliation et de collaboration, Autisme Canada est reconnaissant envers cette terre, le pays du Canada et nos liens avec la terre, la mer et la communauté. Nous rendons hommage aux aînés d’hier et d’aujourd’hui et nous étendons ce respect à tous.

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