Autism Canada Gets Superfood Boost from INCA’S GOLD


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(Toronto, ON – Wednesday, October 26, 2022) INCA’S GOLD a minority women-owned brand offering ancient superfoods is proud to announce a collaboration with Autism Canada that includes a donation back to the non-profit organization for every retail package sold. This coupled with the recent opportunity with Loblaw stores as part of the Ontario Made program in partnership with Grey Jay Sales, will bring INCA’S GOLD products to more than 150 stores (starting with Loblaws stores, Zehrs and some of Your Independent Grocers) is a significant milestone for Juana Garcia, the Peruvian-Canadian entrepreneur behind the brand. They are also available at about 68 independent natural health stores distributed by Cultivar Foods, Organic & Natural Food Distributor, (see listing on the company’s website, as well online at or through the company’s website
“INCA’S GOLD” product ingredients are imported from South America from indigenous farmers-suppliers, they are finished and worked into retail packages with Canadian partners such as pouch makers, co-packers, warehouses, and logistics. INCA’S GOLD is available at Loblaw stores, in more than 150 stores under the Loblaw umbrella, including Zehrs and some of Your Independent Grocers.” says Jordan Ender of Grey Jay Sales.
INCA’S GOLD, founded by Juana Garcia, provides nutritious gluten-free organic superfoods that are ethically sourced. She created her business with a purpose — to bring healthy gluten-free foods from her ancestors to the world, this includes Quinoa, Chia and Maca.
The development of the company was inspired by her autistic son’s remarkable health improvements after including these foods in his diet. “I created INCA’S GOLD brand to bring these foods to help my son who was diagnosed with Autism, I knew he needed a gluten-free healthy diet to support his well-being.” says Juana Garcia, owner, and founder of the brand. “We have learned that our diet directly affects our health, mental health and ability to thrive. I found this was also true of my son. When I had a hard time finding nutritious gluten-free, organic options for him, I knew I had to take action and I decided to import the superfoods I was raised on.”
As part of her commitment to autism, Juana plans to donate 5 cents per retail package sold in Canada to Autism Canada. “I want to share my products and knowledge with others affected by Autism which is why I am donating part of our revenue to Autism Canada based on packages sold, I want to support and create awareness.”
“Our INCA’S GOLD brand was created to illustrate our respect for our ancient superfoods that were valued as gold by the Incan civilization for their unique nutritional and health benefits. So, today we can continue appreciating these superfoods as harvest of organic gold for better health.” continues Garcia.
The ingredients sourced directly from indigenous farmer-suppliers has allowed us to establish strong partnerships, fair trade payment with respectful treatment and mutual sustainable practices agreements with them.
Autism Canada is the only Canadian autism advocacy organization with a national perspective on current challenges facing those with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and their families. “We’re extremely proud of our partnership with INCA’S GOLD as they introduce their product lines in Loblaw stores in Ontario,” said Barbara Patten, Executive Director, Autism Canada. “Raising awareness of autism is an essential first step toward acceptance. As we celebrate Autism Acceptance Month in October our hope is that we see more forward-thinking leaders, like Juana and Loblaw Companies Ltd., setting the tone for future products and retail in Canada.”

About INCA’S GOLD Brand and Inca Gold Organics business
Superfoods to retailers, distributors, and food manufacturers.

INCA’S GOLD products are high-quality, plant-based, gluten-free organic seeds, flours, flakes, and powders with an emphasis on sustainable practices. Our relationships with farmers are a testament to INCA’S GOLD rich history and health benefits of these ancient superfoods.
Inca Gold Organics is a minority WOMEN OWNED SME certified by WEConnect International. The INCA’S GOLD products are Organic certified by ECOCERT, Vege-Cert, NON-GMO, gluten-free and proudly finished and packaged in Ontario. Learn more about INCA’S GOLD and Inca Gold Organics, visit or

About Autism Canada 

Autism Canada is the only Canadian organization with a national perspective on the issues currently facing those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families, caregivers, and allies. Autism Canada’s primary mandate is to increase the quality of life and well-being of people on the Autism Spectrum through education, advocacy, and support.
Autism Canada is committed to delivering the highest quality programs and community resources like the national annual Au-Some Conference, our dedicated Family Support team, a first-of-its-kind Search and Rescue for Autism program, and an exceptional catalogue offering autism education to both the public and private sectors. Autism Canada is proud to have served the autism community in Canada since 1976.”

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