Autistic Self-Advocacy and Safety Online

My name is Jessica. I am an autistic researcher at Carleton University. I am looking for autistic adults to give feedback on my study about autistic self-advocacy and safety online. I want to make sure that it is accessible, relevant, respectful and impactful for the autistic community.

Jessica Rocheleau, Dr. Sonia Chiasson, Dr. Kasia Muldner (Carleton University)

Who can participate: 
Adults (18 years or older) who: (1) Have an autism diagnosis or self-identify as autistic, (2) Are able to understand and communicate in English with or without support, and, (3) Use the Internet to share their experiences as an autistic person, and to promote autistic people’s rights (including their own).

What’s involved: 
(1) Meet with me for 10 minutes via videoconference (e.g., Skype, Zoom) to get more information about the study;
(2) Review some of the study’s documents (e.g., survey, consent forms);
(3) Fill out a short survey about your opinions on the documents and the study;
(4) Meet with me for 1 hour through videoconference to give more detailed feedback.
Your involvement will take no more than 2 hours of your time. You can do both of the meetings with audio only (no camera) or instant messaging.

You will receive $10 to read the documents and fill out the online survey. You will receive another $30 if you meet with me to give more detailed feedback. You can receive payment though e-transfer or a gift card (options are available).

Interested in participating:  
Please email to participate

July 31, 2021