Bilingualism and Autism Study

The study examines the development of children with autism raised in home where one or more language or who attend immersion language school programs.

Chantal Labonte & Dr. Veronica Smith

Who can participate: 
I am looking for parents who might be willing to speak to me over the phone about their child’s development and abilities. They may be raising children with autism in monolingual or bilingual homes, or have a child with autism who attends an immersion language programs. We are also looking for parents of neurotypical children.

What’s involved: 
One to three phones calls with the researcher (Chantal). During these phone calls, the researcher will ask parents to answer a series of questions about their child’s development and abilities.

There is no payment for participating. However, participants will be provided, should they wish, with a summary of their child’s development based on the responses provided.

Interested in participating:  
Please email or call 587-594-0039 to participate


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