Contribution of molecular biomarkers to early diagnosis, disease management and stratification of Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

Results of the Molecular You pilot study have shown that there are ASD specific biomarkers that can help differentiate between ASD and unaffected individuals. This study is being performed to validate the findings of the previous research by looking at ASD diagnostic biomarkers (metabolites and proteins) in the blood and urine of children. The overall goal of the study is to determine the accuracy of biomarkers to detect ASD in young children, which would help enable earlier and more effective treatment. We are looking to recruit participants in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario at this present time.

Molecular You

Who can participate: 
ASD group: Aged 3-12 years, Diagnosed with ASD via ADI-R and ADOS, Residing in Canada. No current immunosuppressive or infectious conditions (ex. RSV, Chicken Pox, Common cold, Strep throat, Diabetes Mellitus Type 1, organ/bone marrow transplant, steroid treatment etc.), are not undergoing gene, chemo-, or radiotherapy.

Neurotypical control group: Aged 3-12 years, Self-identify as healthy, Residing in Canada, no chronic or acute disease, no current immunosuppressive or infectious conditions, not currently taking any prescription medication, are not undergoing gene, chemo-, or radiotherapy.

What’s involved: 
Parents/guardians and children (participants) will need to complete a Screening questionnaire and if they qualify, the consent form will be emailed for review. If the consent form is signed, a medical questionnaire will need to be filled out thereafter. The consent form and all questionnaires are hosted on a secure online platform. Molecular You (MY) will mail a sample (blood and urine) collection kit that will contain all necessary instructions. Parent/Guardian will book a blood draw appointmen

Participants will receive a CAN $50 gift card as a ‘thank you’ for participating in the study at the end of the blood collection visit.

Interested in participating:  
To find out if you’re eligible or if you have any questions click here or call +1 (800) 380-1468 ext. 6