Designing Inclusive Digital Experiences for Neurodiversity

We are seeking to understand how information technology, more specifically websites can be adapted to be more accessible for persons with ASD.

Sara Boback, OCAD University, MDes student

Who can participate: 
•Person who identifies as having autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
•Person over the age of 18
•Person who is familiar with and uses technology, at least three times per week (mobile phone, computer, etc)

What’s involved: 
As a participant, you will be asked to:
• Share experiences and stories about technology and how you use it
• navigate through websites
• Discuss your experiences with websites (negatives and positives)
• Provide your input into the design of a web user interface
Sessions will be virtual, and one-to-one including only the researcher and the participant.

$40.00 Amazon gift card (Mail delivery)

Interested in participating:  
Please email Sara Boback at to participate


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