Everyday experiences and communication

We are interested in what people know about common events and how people communicate. We are looking for autistic and non-autistic adults and children to participate in an online study.

Kara Hannah, Dr. Ken McRae, and Dr. Ryan Stevenson at Western University

Who can participate: 
Parents of children (aged 5-18) with suspected or confirmed diagnosis of Developmental Coordination Disorder.
• Adults (aged 18 and older) who are autistic or non-autistic
• Children (aged 9-17) who are autistic or non-autistic, and their parents/guardians
Participants must be English speakers.

What’s involved: 
The study has three parts:
• Filling out personality/behaviour questionnaires. (For children under 18, this would be completed by a parent or guardian.)
• Completing a task about ordering the steps people do during common events (like going to the movies).
• Having a Zoom call for language and knowledge tasks with the researcher. Participants will answer questions about words, sentences, and pictures.

In total, you would be given $30.00 CAD for participating in the study.

Interested in participating:  
If you (or your child) want to participate, please email Kara Hannah at khannah6@uwo.ca. You can also email us if you have any questions.