Experiences with Autism Assessment in Adulthood

What was your experience of being assessed for autism obtaining an autism diagnosis in adulthood? We want to know about your thoughts about the processes of seeking out a diagnosis of autism in adulthood, how the assessment made you feel, and any other effects it may have on your emotional well-being and quality of life.

We’re looking for the different experiences of having gone through an assessment, as some parts may be better than others. Overall, we hope to use this to improve the assessment process. We think that your feedback on your experiences to improve assessments is valuable.

Troy Boucher, Philippa Hood, Marisa Mylett, Cassia McIntyre, Vivian Ly, Grace Iarocci 

Who can participate: 

  • Adults (ages 19 years and older) who went through the process of autism assessment as an adult in Canada
  • This includes those who did and did not receive a diagnosis after the assessment process

What’s involved: 

  • You will complete an online survey about your background, personality traits, and mental health
  • You then have the choice of doing an interview with one of our researchers over Zoom to discuss your experiences with the assessment, or you can answer these questions in an online survey
  • The survey will take about 1 hour and you will be compensated $10 (e-transfer or Amazon gift)card)

$10 (E-transfer or Amazon giftcard)

Interested in participating:  
If you have any questions please email addl@sfu.ca or call 778-782-6746