Exploring transitions out of high school for autistic youth: An appreciative inquiry 

This study will explore the transition out of high school form the perspective of youth with autism and parents of youth with autism. The researchers would like to better understand strengths already present in autistic youth as they prepare to leave high school as well as hopes and ideals for how this transition could look in the future.

Principal Investigator: Jay Best (PhD Student), Supervisor: Dr. Barbara D’Entremont

Who can participate: 
People are eligible to participate if they are a person with autism in high school in Canada OR if they are a parent of an autistic high schooler in Canada. Parents are able to participate if their child chooses not to and youth can participate if their parents choose not to (though parent consent will be required)

What’s involved: 

Participants will first complete a brief demographic questionnaire then participants will complete a semi-structured interview (~1hr) about their (or their child’s) experience preparing for the transition out of high school. Participants will be asked about strengths already present as well as hopes and ideals for how the transition could look in the future.

Participants can choose to be entered to win one of five $25 CDN VISA giftcards (odds approx. 1 in 12)

Interested in participating:  
If you have any questions please e-mail Jay Best at jbest1@unb.ca