How Parents and Teachers See Children on the Spectrum Differently

Why do some children get flagged for an autism assessment and others don’t? This new study is investigating how people in a child’s life see the same child differently and how this relates to different factors about the child – such as their gender, camouflaging, and mental health. 

Hilary Aime, MA, PhD Candidate; Grace Iarocci, PhD; Tanya Broesch, PhD 

Who can participate: 
Parent/guardians of children who are:
1. Aged 8-12 years
2. Diagnosed with autism/autistic
3. Attend school in British Columbia, Canada 

What’s involved: 
Parents will complete a 30- to 60-minute online survey about your child, including their behaviour, autistic characteristics, camouflaging, and mental health. Researchers will also invite the child’s teacher to participate and complete a 15-minute online survey about the child. 

Parents/guardians will be entered into a draw for one of ten $20 visa gift cards with a one in five chance of winning. 

Interested in participating:  
If you have any questions please email