Knowledge, Perceptions, and Use of Psychedelics among intellectually able adults with autism spectrum condition: An online survey

We want to learn about the perception, opinions, and knowledge of autistic adults about psychedelics, and whether they have used them in the past. Psychedelic can change or enhance sensory perceptions, thought processes, and energy levels. They have shown impressive effects in neurotypical people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Autistic populations have been mostly neglected in the clinical trials of psychedelics, and we want to do this study to listen to voices from autistic people to guide research and practice priorities surrounding the possible future uses of psychedelics.

Principal Investigator: Hsiang-Yuan Lin, MD (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Co- Investigators: Ami Tint, PhD (CAMH), Yona Lunsky, PhD (CAMH)

Who can participate: 
Participants will include individuals with Autism Spectrum Condition aged 18 years and above from across Canada who are able to self-report and consent to participating in the study.

What’s involved: 
An online survey study consisting of questions regarding the knowledge, perceptions, and use of Psychedelics (among autisitic adults)

Participants who complete the survey will be invited to enter in an optional raffle to win one of twelve (12) $25 Canadian e-gift cards. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted to claim their honorarium. There will be three different methods to collect raffle entries (see following section), however, all respondents will be entered into the same applicant pool. Upon completion of the survey, respondents will be redirected to an optional raffle form on REDCap to enter their contact information. These data will be stored in a separate project/database on REDCap to ensure survey results are separate from personal identifying information. 

Interested in participating:  
For those that require support in completing the survey (via telephone or WebEx), please contact the CAMH research staff by email,, or by phone +1 416-535-8501 ext. 32817.