Autism through the Lifespan

From Toddlers to SeniorsBrittany

When most of us hear the term autism, we often think of a childhood disorder where early assessment and intervention are of the utmost importance.  Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is, however, a lifelong condition for most.  We know that many can and will improve to the point of no longer needing the assistance of a parent or caregiver, but just as many will continue to be affected by the disorder and continue to need supports throughout their lives.

With so many ‘aging-out’ of services by age 21, it is important to remember that like everyone else, those on the spectrum will continue to experience changes, triumphs, challenges, victories and difficulties.  Without information, compassion and support it cannot be expected that people with ASD will reach their full and optimal potential.

Autism Canada is dedicated to supporting not only children with autism, their parents and caregiver, but the youth, adults and seniors who continue to grow and have changing needs throughout their lives.

Our Family Support and Resource Program is available to help you find the supports and services you need or if you simply need to talk.

Please contact our Family Support Coordinator at:
Phone: 519.284.7441
Email: Susan@autismcanada.org

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