Members of the Disability Community and their Perceptions of Disability Representation in the Media

Do you enjoy watching and talking about television and movies with people? If you do, please consider joining this research study. This research study involves participants completing an online demographic survey, watching a selected media portrayal of their disability, and participating in an online focus group with others with the same disability to discuss their perceptions of the media representation and suggestions for individuals in the entertainment industry to consider when creating characters with disabilities. Please share this information with anyone interested in participating.

Stephanie J. Cragg, supervised by Dr. Kathryn D. Lafreniere

Who can participate: 
To be eligible:
• You must live in Canada or the United States
• You must have one of these three diagnoses from a medical professional and have been diagnosed for over 6 months
o A diagnosis of Turner Syndrome
o A mobility impairment requiring a wheelchair for at least 80% of the day
o A diagnosis of Autism needing minor supports
• You must be 18 years of age or older
• You must have an internet connection and a computer or tablet with video and microphone capabilities, or have a phone

What’s involved: 
In this study you will be watching a media representation that features a character with your disability, and then participating in a focus group with other individuals with the same disability to talk about what you watched. Participation in the study should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire and three hours to participate in the focus group and watch the media representation.

Participants will receive a $30 Amazon electronic gift card for their participation.

Interested in participating:  
Please email to participate

July 31, 2021

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