Multi-Stakeholder Perspectives on Acceptability of Pediatric Autism Therapies: A Mixed Methods Study

In Canada, autistic children may receive different therapies, like occupational therapy, speech-language pathology services, physical therapy, or applied behavior analysis-based therapies. While the use of some of these therapies is common, there is limited evidence about how these therapies are perceived by stakeholders. Using an online survey, we are exploring the perspectives of autistic individuals, parents of autistic individuals and clinicians on the acceptability of these therapies.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Melanie Penner
Graduate Student: Isabelle Caven

Who can participate: 
We are inviting autistic individuals, parents of autistic individuals, and clinicians who work with autistic children (e.g., occupational therapists, behavioral therapists, physical therapists, speech language therapists/pathologists, family physicians, developmental pediatricians, psychologists, nurse practitioners, social workers) to participate in this survey.

What’s involved: 
To participate, you will complete a survey that takes between 10-30 minutes to complete. There is a place to write in additional thoughts, and the survey might take longer if you wish to write more. We will ask questions about your demographic information, experience with the specific autism therapies, and perspectives on the acceptability of these therapies. Some questions can be answered by selecting a response or multiple responses and for some questions you will be asked to type your answer.

Take the survey here.

At the end of the survey, there is the option to enter your email for a prize raffle to receive one of twenty $50 gift cards. If you choose to enter your email address, your survey responses will still remain anonymous. Your email will not be linked to your survey responses and will be used only for the purposes of completing the prize draw.

Interested in participating:  
Please email Isabelle Caven at

February 24, 2022