Opinion of Various Common Hiring Practices

In this study we are interested in your opinion of various common hiring practices. Your opinions will inform best practices in the use and creation of pre-hire assessments for autistic job seekers.

This study is being conducted by the Healthy Work Lab at FIU and SHL

Who can participate: 

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Work, seek work, or have worked in the last 6 months in a professional-level job*
  • Be an autistic individual
  • Have a computer with access to video and audio

*Professional-level jobs include: accountant, auditor, analysts, civil engineer, graphic designer, flight attendant, social and human service assistant, mental health social worker, teacher, insurance sales agent, among others.

What’s involved: 
Being invited to participate in up to two confidential 60 minute audio interview sessions where you will be asked to provide your opinion on different cutting-edge hiring practices used globally by employers

$30 Amazon online gift card per interview, for up to $60 in gift cards

Interested in participating:  
To join the study, or for more information email HealthyWork@FIU.edu