The Psychological Assessment of Children with Visual Impairment (PACVI) 

We currently lack appropriate assessment measures to understand the cognitive functioning and neurodevelopment (under the larger umbrella term of psychological assessments) in children with visual impairment and blindness (VIB). The ultimate aim of this project is to develop guidelines for assessing cognitive functioning and neurodevelopment (more specifically, Autism Spectrum Disorder) in children with VIB. 

Dr. Moire Stevenson, Clinical Psychologist, Lethbridge-Layton Mackay Rehabilitation Centre (LLMRC), CIUSSS West-Central Montreal and Clinician Member of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation of Greater Montreal (CRIR) and Walter Wittich, Regular Member and Site Director, CRIR, LLMRC, CIUSSS West Central Montreal and Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille, CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre 

Who can participate: 
Experts in conducting psychological assessments of a child with VIB. 

What’s involved: 
We are inviting experts to participate as a Delphi panel member. This will involve completing a brief survey about the practices used to assess a child with VIB. It should take approximately 15-30 minutes. Subsequently, a second survey will be received with a summary of the group’s responses and the level of agreement will have to be rated with each practice. Finally, a third survey will be received asking for the level of agreement on various guidelines for assessing children with VIB. 


Interested in participating:  
If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please email

July 30, 2023