Autism Canada Brochure

Autism Canada is the only Canadian organization with a national perspective on the issues currently facing those with ASD, their families and other stakeholders.

Together with our provincial and territorial counterparts, Autism Canada works collaboratively to share best practices, build consensus and help inform public health policy.

Our work also includes an annual online conference by autistics for autistics, a podcast that shares information about life on the spectrum and a first of its kind training for first responders and emergency personnel called Search and Rescue for Autism.

Words Matter – Collaborative Language and Communication

Autism is a complex issue – one that intersects with many other complicated social issues. The complexity of this conversation and the diversity of the groups concerned means that dialogue can be difficult at times, and the importance of said dialogue requires that we recognize both a need for clarity and a need for sensitivity to each other’s perspectives. In this vein, it is necessary to create a shared language that will ensure a productive, positive discourse, respectful of all relevant parties. This document endeavors to create this collaborative language and communication in the field of autism.

Autism Physician Handbook

This handbook is not only for physicians but for any professional that has access to young children that may be concerned about their development. The Autism Physician Handbook has over 100 illustrations showing the common characteristics of autism in toddlers plus much more. Download your copy today.

Provincial & Territorial Funding Programs for Autism Therapy

Funding, services and supports vary from province to province, territory to territory.  In an effort to help individuals and families navigate the complex web of information, Autism Canada has updated the Provincial & Territorial Funding Programs for Autism Therapy document originally prepared by Odette Madore in 2006.

Aging and Autism: A Think Tank

The AUTISM IN LATER LIFE THINK  TANK was the response and result of  several organizations  (Autism Canada, Pacific Autism Family Network,  and Autism Research Institute) to  address three prominent issues that  have intersected and will continue  to impact families, communities, and  nations: 1) the increased prevalence  of autism, 2) the processes of autism  and aging, and 3) the demographic  change of aging societies. Although  we have a robust understanding of life course, gerontological and geriatric  conditions for most aging individuals,  little is known about aging with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Medical Comorbidities in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many children and adults diagnosed with an ASD have comorbid health problems. Recent large-scale studies, including a detailed assessment conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have confirmed that several medical conditions are significantly over-represented in people with ASD compared to the general population and other developmental conditions prevalence estimates.

Autism and Dental Care – A Guide

Autism Canada would like to thank the Dentably Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska for allowing us to include their Dental Guide as a resource.   There is an option to print the guide along with printable questions to ask your dentist before an appointment.

Autism Travel Resources

Vancouver Airport Authority has partnered with Canucks Autism Network (CAN) in BC to develop a resource kit and video series to assist individuals and families living with autism. These resources help people prepare for their upcoming trip, covering the check-in process, security screening, boarding and flying.  Although the resource is specific to the Vancouver International Airport, there are many useful tips to make air travel easier. 

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