Sensory Support Kits

Sensory Support Kits

Why Sensory Supports?

Tactile and sensory items can be comforting to an autistic individual. They support their efforts to self-regulate and remain calm in an emotional or stressful situation. Offering sensory supports to those on the Autism Spectrum when they are experiencing stress can help them avoid a sensory meltdown or a shutdown. We understand that sometimes extra supports are needed, this kit will help you be ready to support your autistic and neurodivergent guests or clients.

What Makes It a Sensory Support?

Items an individual can self-soothe with (fidget cube, fidget spinner), squeeze (soft ball), and snuggle or rub (blanket, stuffed toy) are all things that help with sensory stimulation.

What is Included?

  • Red lightweight and reusable backpack
  • Soft plush friend
  • Large fleece blanket
  • Noise Reducing Ear Covers (to help manage noise)
  • Fidget items (Cube, Spinner, Squishy Ball)
  • Tinted safety glasses to help manage visual sensitivity

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