Stress, Intervention Services, and Support Programs for Parents of Children with Autism

Parenting Stress
Evidence for higher levels of parenting stress and psychological distress have been found among mothers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) (Estes, et. al, 2019). The current study aims to find out the various factors that contribute to parenting stress.

Parental Support
Research has shown evidence for the effectiveness of parent education (Berguist, 2014) and training programs (Harty, 2018). The current study aims to find out what support programs parents currently access and/or would like to access for their children with autism.

Ann Evangelista

Who can participate: 
Parents of Children with Autism

What’s involved: 
Participants will answer an online survey and responses will be sent directly to Qualtrics. Click here to take survey


Interested in participating:  
Ann Evangelista 204-915-5940

March 31, 2022