Sharing The Spectrum Newsletter – March 9, 2021

Sharing the Spectrum is a newsletter written by our Autism Ambassadors, all of whom are on the Autism Spectrum. We are grateful to our Ambassadors for sharing their knowledge, experience and perspectives with us and for trusting us to share their stories with you.

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Untitled by Donny Gillam

A young Angel appeared before God and asked: “Why am I so different where everyone else is the same?” 

God paused and pondered the question before responding: “My Beautiful child, everyone else sees the world in ways that only they understand. Whereas you see the world as I do.” 

God walks closer, bends to one knee, puts his hands on her shoulders and looks her in the eyes, with a tear going down one cheek. 

“You see the world with joy, love and understanding. You don’t see the evil in other hearts, the pain or the misery. You only see the beauty within and that makes you more special than any other angel. I love you my bright and beautiful child. You feel joy even when others don’t. That’s why I am sending you to Earth, the spread the same love and joy that only you can give”. 

Written by Donny Gillam and inspired by his friend Sonnet


Created by Taes Leavitt (AKA “Boots” of the award winning children’s entertainers Splash’N Boots), My Big Autism Journey is a program of mindfulness and meditation created for children on the Autism Spectrum and their families.

Join us on Saturday March 27 from 12 PM EST – 1 PM EST to learn how little bits of mindfulness and meditation in your day can help your family with communication, finding a calm space and connection.

This is a full family event!

Cost: $25 with a portion of proceeds benefitting Autism Canada’s Family Support Centre

Do you have questions about autism? Do you need help finding resources or support in your area? 

Our Family Support Representative is available Monday through Friday to help: 
1-800-983-1795 or

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