Sharing The Spectrum Newsletter – April 5, 2022

Sharing the Spectrum is a newsletter written by our Autism Ambassadors, all of whom are on the Autism Spectrum. | Sharing the Spectrum est un bulletin écrit par nos ambassadeurs d’Autisme Canada, qui sont tous sur le spectre autistique.

Welcome Bev Priestman, Autism Canada Champion

Bev Priestman is the Head Coach of the Gold Medal winning Canadian Woman’s National Soccer Team.

Partnering with Autism Canada to promote acceptance, inclusion and awareness of autism is something that is close to her heart.

We are so grateful to Bev for lending her voice and for trusting us to help share her story.

Bev Priestman est l’entraîneure-chef de l’équipe nationale féminine canadienne de soccer qui a remporté la médaille d’or.

Son partenariat avec Autisme Canada pour promouvoir l’inclusion et l’acceptation de l’autisme lui tient à cœur.

Nous sommes très reconnaissants (es) à Bev d’avoir prêté sa voix et de nous avoir fait confiance pour nous aider à raconter son histoire.


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WHEN: Friday April 8 at 7 PM EST
HOST: Dancing Phil
COST: $25 for 3 games
PRIZES: Of course!

See you there!

More information and tickets here:

World Autism Awareness Day (W.A.A.D.)
Journée mondiale de la sensibilisation à l’autism
By | Par Gail Berman

Every year, in the month of April, there is an important and special day that is known as World Autism Awareness Day.  

For me, being on the Autism Spectrum, World Autism Awareness Day is quite significant. It warms my heart to know that in many nations on many continents, that autism is recognized, that it exists and that people are on the Autism Spectrum, with varying degrees and characteristics of autism.  

What I would like the world to know about autism is that it is a lifelong condition. However, there are those who can function very well in their lives, achieving some very commendable goals. The world should also know that it is vital that supports of various types ought to be in place for people who have challenges in their lives around autism.  

On World Autism Awareness Day, the only special thing that I do is make a post on Facebook regarding the importance of this significant day. I feel that the more one comments on social media about this, the more the world will be aware of how autism needs our attention.      

Apple Pie
By / Par c.e. chapple

First she prepared the pastry 
A fragrant cup of tea by her elbow 
Cutting pure white lard 
Into unbleached flour 
Adding ice water to a free-range egg 
Letting thoughts drift to happy chickens 
Scratching in a sun-filled barnyard 

Spring whispered promises upon the wind 
As she formed the dough into a ball 
Dividing it into six sticky siblings 
Cloaking each in wax paper 
Stowing them in the refrigerator 

When she was young she loved to climb 
A solitary apple tree 
Gnarled and elderly 
In her grandparents’ garden 
Its tiny green apples 
Sometimes inhabited by worms 
More often ingested than not 

Now she busied herself with the kettle 
Refilling it and setting it on the hob 
Humming until it whistled 
Warming the pot and steeping tea leaves 
For that optimum brew 
While she rolled out the dough 
Trimming a perfect circle for the pie plate 

As she peeled each apple 
In an uninterrupted crimson swirl 
Coring them delicately 
Slicing with precision 
Squirting lemon juice to prevent browning 
She marvelled at the fruit’s perfection 
Mixing cinnamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, flour 
Coating the fruit thoroughly 
Arranging it in concentric circles 
Upon the bottom crust 
Dotting it with butter 

Like an artist 
Her fingertips fluted the pastry edges 
Shaped leaves and a rosebud 
Cutting ventilation slits 
Painting egg white and water 
Kissing it with white sugar 
Placing it with tender love into her oven 

Seated in her porch glider 
She remembered again 
Those childhood apples 
Woody, tart, strangely addictive 
Forbidden fruit easily concealed 
Her mouth filling with saliva 
As she pictured the green spotted skins 
The red-veined white flesh 
While the fragrant smell of baking pie 
Delighted her nostrils 

A Special Connection
By / Par David Beresford

Enjoy this painting “A Special Connection” from David Beresford, one of our Autism Ambassadors.

Profitez de cette peinture « A Special Connection » de David Beresford, l’un de nos ambassadeurs de l’autisme.

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With Gratitude to our Autism Ambassadors
Avec Gratitude envers nos Ambassadeurs de l’Autisme

We are grateful to our Ambassadors for sharing their knowledge, experience and perspectives with us and for trusting us to share their stories with you.

If you would like more information about our Ambassadors or are interested in contributing to Sharing the Spectrum, please connect with us here.

Nous sommes reconnaissants à nos ambassadeurs d’avoir partagé leurs connaissances, leurs expériences et leurs points de vue avec nous et de nous avoir fait confiance pour partager leurs histoires avec vous.

Si vous désirez plus de renseignements sur nos ambassadeurs ou si vous souhaitez contribuer au bulletin Sharing the Spectrum, veuillez communiquer avec nous ici.


Land Acknowledgment
Reconnaissance foncière

In the spirit of reconciliation and working together Autism Canada is thankful for this land, the country of Canada, and our connections to land, sea, and community. We pay our respect to the Elders past and present and extend that respect to all today.

Dans un esprit de réconciliation et de collaboration, Autisme Canada est reconnaissant envers cette terre, le pays du Canada et nos liens avec la terre, la mer et la communauté. Nous rendons hommage aux aînés d’hier et d’aujourd’hui et nous étendons ce respect à tous.

With the Imagine Canada seal, you can be confident that Autism Canada has met the highest standards for charities in Canada. 

Avec le sceau Imagine Canada, vous pouvez être certain qu’Autisme Canada a respecté les normes les plus élevées pour les organismes de bienfaisance au Canada.