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Au-Some conference

Autism Canada’s virtual and free AuSome Conference is a day of learning and education by autistics for autistics. Topics in the past have included parenting on the spectrum, augmentative and alternative communication, executive functioning and more. This year’s topics and speakers will be added as we confirm the details so watch here for more information!

Join us on October 23, 2021 for this year’s Au-Some Conference, a day of presentations about living with autism created and presented by individuals on the Autism Spectrum. 

Au-Some is about autism education, sharing, inclusivity and acceptance and we invite everyone to join us for this inspiring day.

With a special conference welcome and introduction by Mr. Eugene Levy, Canadian Icon and Autism Advocate

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Saturday, October 23, 2021
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

Wanda Dechamps

Founder and principle, Liberty Co., Wanda seeks to increase the participation level of the neurodiverse population in the workforce with a special focus on autism due to her own diagnosis at midlife.

Minni Ang

Finding a Job that Fits
Minni Ang is an autism advocate and software developer. Diagnosed with Level One autism as an adult, Minni has a Ph.D in Computer Applications, as well as degrees in Music and in Physics

William Caruna 

Post-Secondary Survival Tips
William Caruana is an openly autistic twenty-something with a love for film, video games and business. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Management at the University of Toronto, A self-advocate, William is a strong believer in helping out all members of the Autism community.

Sam Holness

“A story about Raising Autism Awareness through Sport” with Sam Holness “Probably the first Autistic Triathlete to compete in the Ironman World Championships” 

Sam “Super Sam” Holness is a 28-year-old endurance athlete with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from South London. Sam is committed to become the first professional black triathlete with autism to compete in the 70.3 Ironman World Championships.

Kim Souch & Sara Sobey

“How Music Provided a Bridge Between a Mother and Daughter on the Spectrum

Kim & Sara began performing together when Sara was just a young teen. Kim was a touring singer/songwriter when Sara was little, so it was not a surprise that Sara could sing before she could speak!  What Kim could not have known was that music would become the bridge between both of their worlds!  Their story which includes the realm of Autism is inspiring!  Their beautiful songs and harmonies will capture your imagination!

Bruce Petherick 

How to deal with Authority Figures” 

Bruce Petherick is an autism advocate, neurodiverse musician and teacher. 

Kieran Rose

Autistic Burnout

Kieran Rose was clinically diagnosed as Autistic in 2003 and is a parent of Autistic children. An international Public Speaker, Kieran provides specialist training aimed at reframing the understanding of Autism. 

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