The Au-Some Fund is dedicated to cover expenses associated with our ASD Advisory Committee initiatives such as travel costs for Committee members to attend events that they helped organize.

Many autistics find themselves without meaningful full-time employment. Isolation is also a serious issue for people on the spectrum. We feel it’s crucial to give a hand to those who wish to join the community so they can overcome the financial barriers that prevent them from getting involved. You can be Au-Some too and make a difference!

Your contribution towards the Au-Some Fund will ensure that the dedicated adults who work so hard on our projects are able to participate at conferences and other Committee activities.

Celebrate Your Au-Some!

The Au-Some Conference is a one-day event organized by a neurodiverse team of autistic advocates and allies. It’s a fantastic, one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet like-minded people, find safe ways to overcome societal barriers, share successes, build healthy coping strategies, and start a plan of action to ensure a brighter future for autistic people.

Next Au-Some Conference: (2020) Montreal, Quebec!


(2019) Toronto, On

(2017) Vancouver, BC

(2016) Hamilton, On

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