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Family Support

When most of us hear the term autism, we think of a childhood disorder where early assessment and intervention are of the utmost importance. Autism spectrum disorder is, however, a lifelong condition for most.  We know that some individuals can improve to the point of no longer needing the assistance of a parent or caregiver, others will continue to be affected by the condition and need support throughout their lives. 

Our Family Support Representative is a valuable resource for families trying to do their best in raising a child on the spectrum. Our Family Support Representative can help with the tools, resources, early intervention strategies and steps for an initial diagnosis by providing you with the proper agencies and organizations to better assist families and individuals with paperwork and services available in their region. 

Autism Canada is dedicated to providing compassionate information to individuals on the autism spectrum and their families.   Our Family Support Representative is available to support not only children with autism, their parents, and caregivers, but the youth, adults, and seniors whose needs will change throughout their lives.

Contact Dominique Chabot to find the supports and services you need. 

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