Supporting children and young people with autism by using the stories online for autism (SOFA) app

The study aims to investigate how a mobile application, called SOFA ( can support autistic children through the development and delivery of stories.

Dr Louis John Camilleri, Dr Katie Maras, Prof Mark Brosnan

Who can participate: 
Parents/guardians of autistic children (i.e., children with a formal diagnosis of autism) whose children are 4 to 15 years of age.

What’s involved: 
This study involves introducing SOFA ( to parents/guardians and training them on how to use the application through online meetings and tutorials. Parents/guardians will then develop stories for their children using SOFA. Children must be involved in the development of the stories. The stories will be read by the children, on a phone/tablet using SOFA for 2 weeks (with the support of parents/guardians). Brief progress check-lists, will be completed online.

Honorarium of 100 euro (or its equivalent) in any currency.

Interested in participating:  
If you have any questions please email LC2295@BATH.AC.UK

June 30, 2022