Survey on Housing Need for Autistic Adults in Quebec

In Quebec, people on the spectrum have a hard time finding affordable housing that meets their needs. The results from this survey will help to better understand existing needs to guide furture housing initiatives, and will be helpful in asking governments and foundations to create more housing projects for autistic adults.

The Autism House in partnership with the Transforming Autism Care Consortium (TAAC).

Who can participate: 
One survey is for autistic adults (18+) and another survey for parents or loved one’s of autistic people of 16+ years old.

What’s involved: 
We would invite you to complete an online survey covering a range of questions about burnout and related factors, including questions about mental/ We are asking for your participation in this research by answering a survey of approximately 30 minutes. You can answer this survey online or answer it by phone accompanied by a team member. To answer on the phone, please contact us at this number (514) 625-3258 or by email at this address: For more information on the survey, click here (or click here for information in French).

By answering this survey, you are eligible with a draw of five (5) prizes of 20$ and five (5) free service packages from the Autism House.

Interested in participating:  
If you have any questions, please contact Emma Vadot at (514) 805-0409 or