The Missing Voice: A Comparison of Autistic Young Adults’ and Inclusive Employers’ Perspectives of Work Readiness Skills Needed to Enter the Calgarian Workforce

We are conducting a study to learn about the first-hand experiences of Chinese immigrants who have been diagnosed with autism in Canada, with the goal of developing strategies and/or provide insight for professionals and We are conducting a study to learn about autistics’ and inclusive employers’ perspectives and opinions on work-readiness including how to improve work readiness for those on the autism spectrum. Our goal is to help support agencies and employers understand how individuals on the autism spectrum perceive work readiness and how they think we can improve individuals’ work readiness on the spectrum.

Keelin McKiernan, supervised by Dr. Adam McCrimmon

Who can participate: 
If you are an individual diagnosed with ASD (or autism, Asperger’s, or PDD-NOS), over 18 years old, do not have an intellectual disability, and have not participated in a work readiness program, you may be able to participate in this research! Alternatively, if you are an employer who has hired individuals on the autism spectrum (or autism, Asperger’s, ASD, or PDD-NOS), you may be able to participate in this research!

What’s involved: 
For employers:Participation involves completing an informal interview that will take about 60 minutes, where we will discuss your perspectives and opinions about work readiness

Participants will receive a gift card for participation in this study!

Interested in participating:  
Please email Keelin McKiernan at to participate