The Relationships Between Language Preferences, Autism Acceptance, and Mental Health

Is it ‘person with autism’ or ‘autistic person’? We want to learn how language preferences about autism develop and how they relate to autism acceptance and mental health. This study was developed in collaboration with autistic people / people with autism.

Dr. Grace Iarocci and the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Lab at Simon Fraser University

Who can participate: 
Adults (age 16+) who self-identify as an autistic person / person with autism.
Parents, caregivers, partners, friends, and community members of people with autism / autistic people.
Professionals, students and volunteers who work with autistic people / people with autism.

What’s involved: 
You will complete an online survey about your language preferences, your involvement in autistic and autism communities, how you feel in social situations, and your mental health (anxiety, depression, and suicidality), and your basic background information.
The survey has 3 parts: 1) 90 minutes, 2) 60 minutes, and 3) 60 minutes long.

After you complete each part of the survey, you can enter a draw to win a $100 visa gift card (total 3 entries).

Interested in participating:  
Please email to participate

August 1, 2021