Understanding the experiences of students with disabilities: A study of self-determination and the quality of student life in postsecondary settings

The purpose of this exploratory study is to develop a meaningful understanding of the experiences of students with disabilities regarding self-determination skills and perceived quality of student life. Specifically, this dissertation will explore the experiences of postsecondary students with disabilities attending Canadian academic institutions. Quantitative (structured questionnaires) and qualitative measures (open ended questions) will be included in this study.

Principal Investigator: C. Julieta Aguilera Vasquez, M.A.
Supervisor: Professor Tara Flanagan, Ph.D. 

Who can participate: 

  • Persons 18 and older
  • Self-identify as having any of the following disabilities:
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
    • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
    • Learning disabilities
    • Medical Disabilities (see recruitment flyer for a comprehensive list of disabilities)
  • Be enrolled in a Canadian postsecondary institution.

What’s involved: 
Participants will complete an online survey (30-45 minutes) via McGill University here

Participants will have the opportunity to enter a draw for 1 of 10 $50 gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, Chapters).

Interested in participating:  
Please complete an online survey (30-45 minutes) via McGill University here.

February 15, 2021