Understanding the Sensory Experiences of Autistic Children and Young People

The research invites parents and guardians of autistic and non-autistic children to answer an online questionnaire regarding their child’s sensory experiences. This questionnaire consists of four scales that look at children’s sensory responses (to light, sound, touch, texture etc), communication and social interaction styles, and how they experience and express their emotions. The study should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. Although differences in how autistic people experience sensory information have been recognized for a long time, how these everyday experiences relate to.

Assoc. Prof. Nuala Brady, Madeleine Diepman

Who can participate: 
If you are an individual diagnosed with ASD (or autism, Asperger’s, or PDD-NOS), over 18 years old, do not have an Parents and guardians of autistic children/ young people & parents and guardians of non-autistic (neurotypical) children/ young people between the ages of 4 and 17 years inclusive. Participants do not need to be located in Ireland. Participants must have a good understanding of reading/writing in English.

What’s involved: 
Parents/ guardians are invited to fill out a once-off online questionnaire. The questionnaire looks at aspects of the child’s sensory, social, and communication experiences and takes approx 30 mins to complete. You can participate by clicking here.


Interested in participating:  
Please email Nuala Brady at nuala.brady@ucd.ie to participate.

December 31, 2021